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Transportation Options in Safaga: A Comprehensive Guide

Safaga, a serene town on the Red Sea coast, offers a variety of transportation options for travelers, making it easily accessible from various parts of Egypt and even from neighboring Saudi Arabia. Whether you prefer the sea route or the convenience of road travel, Safaga’s connectivity ensures a smooth journey for all. Let’s explore the different modes of transportation available in and around Safaga.

  1. Bus Station and Services
    • The bus station in Safaga is conveniently located near the southern end of the town. From here, travelers have multiple options:
      • To Cairo: There are seven daily buses, with fares ranging from E£65 to E£75, and the journey takes about seven to eight hours.
      • To Suez: Regular daily buses are available, costing between E£40 to E£45, and the travel time is approximately five to six hours. These buses also stop in Hurghada.
      • To Hurghada: The fare is E£10 for a one-hour journey.
      • To Al-Quseir: Buses run daily with a fare of E£10 and a travel time of one hour.
      • To Marsa Alam: The journey takes about three hours and costs between E£25 to E£30.
      • To Shalatein: This longer journey of seven hours costs E£50.
  2. Service Taxi Station
    • Located about 1.5km north of the bus station, the service taxi station offers an alternative for travelers. Following this station, you’ll find the port entrance, which is used for ferries to Saudi Arabia.
  3. Boat Services
    • Safaga provides regular passenger boat services to Duba in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, there are services to Jeddah, particularly during the hajj season, catering to pilgrims.
  4. Public Servees “Mini-Van”
    • For those preferring a smaller, more personalized mode of transport, mini-vans are a great option. They offer services to several destinations:
      • To Cairo: The fare ranges from E£145 to E£190 per person, with a travel time of about seven hours.
      • To Hurghada: A one-hour journey costing E£55.
      • To Al-Quseir: The fare is E£75 for a one-hour trip.
      • To Marsa Alam: Travel costs between E£65 to E£90, and it takes two to three hours.

In this guide, the various transportation options in Safaga are outlined, offering travelers flexibility and convenience in planning their journeys. Whether you’re arriving from within Egypt or crossing over from Saudi Arabia, Safaga’s well-connected transport network ensures a hassle-free travel experience to this tranquil Red Sea destination.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

SAFAGA Travel Guide
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