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Navigating Your Way to Safaga: A Traveler's Guide

Discover the ease and convenience of traveling to Safaga, a therapeutic haven on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. This guide will walk you through the various travel options available for both local and international visitors, ensuring a smooth journey to this serene destination.

From Cairo to Safaga: The SuperJet Bus Experience

  • For travelers embarking from Cairo, reaching Safaga is a breeze with the SuperJet bus service. Conveniently located at Tahrir, Torgoman, and Almaza stops, these buses offer a comfortable and efficient way to travel. While advance booking isn’t necessary, it’s advisable to arrive at the terminals 30 minutes early to secure a seat. Enjoy the journey in air-conditioned comfort, and check the schedule and prices online for your planning convenience.

International Connections via Hurghada

  • International visitors have the option to connect to Safaga through Hurghada International Airport. Upon landing, a short 40-minute journey by bus or taxi will whisk you away to the enchanting town of Safaga. This easy connection makes Safaga an accessible destination for travelers from around the globe.

Flying Directly to Hurghada with Egypt Air

  • Egypt Air, the national airline, operates daily direct flights to Hurghada. This convenient option brings you closer to Safaga, with only a short connecting ride remaining. Upon arrival in Hurghada, travelers are greeted with a plethora of well-equipped lodging facilities, complete with restaurants, discos, supermarkets, and more, tempting you to extend your stay.

Getting Around in Safaga: Effortless and Affordable

  • Exploring Safaga is hassle-free, thanks to the readily available taxis and mini-buses offering reasonable fares. Whether you’re heading to a specific destination or just exploring the town, these transport options are always at your service. Additionally, hotels in Safaga are well-prepared to enhance your experience, organizing desert excursions, boat trips, and guided tours in various languages. Simply inquire at the hotel reception, and sign up for an adventure that appeals to you.

In this guide, the journey to and around Safaga is demystified, showcasing the town’s accessibility and the ease with which visitors can explore its wonders. Whether you’re traveling from within Egypt or from afar, Safaga’s therapeutic charm is just a journey away.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

SAFAGA Travel Guide
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