Journeying Across

Getting Around St. Catherine

In Saint Catherine, reaching the Bedouin Camp & Guesthouse from the bus station is quite straightforward and only requires a short walk. Here’s how you can get there:


Arrival at Saint Catherine Bus Station

As you disembark at the Saint Catherine bus station, your journey to the Bedouin Camp & Guesthouse begins with an easy and insightful walk. This initial step offers a great introduction to the local environment and culture.

Walking Towards the Mosque

From the bus station, head straight towards the mosque, a short and pleasant walk down the street. This route not only leads you in the right direction but also offers a glimpse into the everyday life of Saint Catherine

Turning at the Mosque

Upon reaching the mosque, make a right turn onto the main place. This segment of the walk allows you to observe the town’s unique architecture and bustling local businesses, adding to the immersive experience of your arrival.

Passing the Co-op Petrol Station

Keep an eye out for the Co-op petrol station. After passing this landmark, continue for about 200 meters. This part of the journey further acquaints you with the distinctive landscape and vibe of the region.

The Crucial Right Turn

After the 200-meter walk past the petrol station, look for a road on your right. This right turn is a key point in your route, leading you towards your final destination.

Arrival at Bedouin Camp & Guesthouse

Shortly after making the right turn, the Bedouin Camp & Guesthouse will come into view, marking the end of your short journey. Its close proximity to the bus station is a significant advantage for those looking for convenient accommodation near the main transport hub of Saint Catherine.

This easy and brief walk from the bus station is more than just a means to reach your accommodation; it’s a delightful introduction to the unique charm and cultural richness of Saint Catherine, setting the stage for an unforgettable stay in this beautiful part of Egypt.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

ST. CATHERINE Travel Guide
Saint Catherine Travel Guide
Where the Divine Meets the Earthly: Saint Catherine's Monastery under a rare snowy embrace
Saint Catherine Travel Guide
Where the Divine Meets the Earthly: Saint Catherine's Monastery under a rare snowy embrace

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