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Tips for Women Travelers in Egypt

Women traveling alone in Egypt face some challenges, and it’s important to get the cultural cues correct in order to minimize the hassle and potential problems.

You will be surprised, how awesomely you will be accepted while journeying through Egypt – the first English word a lot of natives get to know is “welcome”, which you can anticipate to hear frequently. Probably, no group of persons say “welcome” and mean it each time as regularly as the Egyptians. The historic civilization of Egypt always amazes, also Egyptians of today are wonderful.

A female traveling all by herself is a perplexing idea for most Egyptians. This can put one on the spotlight, greater than what most women experience in their country.

Although, a few times, this attention would not be wanted, it is the reverse most times. As a female traveling alone, there is a greater possibility of being liked by one of the natives, and if you are afraid to communicate with them or ask for selfies, you will lack some memorable moments.

First of all, you should know that to be a female traveling alone, you are seen as possibly available. Also, know that Egypt is an extremely collected community and the westerners are seen as being easy-going pertaining to issues of acquaintanceship.

Decent dressing is crucial. Exposed arms and legs shows their idea of an immoral westerner, and you will discover, assault increases with frequency. It is better to wear tight jeans and tops than a short and tank tops. It is best to wear loose-fitted pants or mid-length skirts with long-sleeved tops.

From a personal experience, I can say with certainty that, I moat females who traveled to Egypt alone enjoyed their stay, but many others felt better joining small tour groups in Luxor and Aswan, then stayed alone in Cairo. This method will make you get to your destination amongst people before proceeding solo.

Updated On March 18, 2020

Important Hints 

Decent dressing – Although, exposing shoulders and knees may not mean a woman is seeking anything but may be misinterpreted by a few men.

Decent dressing (trousers or long skirts with a long-sleeved t-shirt), also shows your regard for the Egyptian norms. Always carry a scarf when going into a mosque.

Try as much to stay in the back seats of taxis and be vigilant, as there have been some cases of harassments. Preferably, book taxis and drivers via your hotel or hire an uber which is said to be safer.

Sometimes, harmless talks may be considered flirting; shun conversations that don’t seem pleasing, even when it feels rude. Also, refuse selfies if you don’t feel uneasy about it.

Decline invitations from strangers to show you around or take you on dates, except for you are very comfortable with it. Most have pure intentions, whereas some don’t.

Search for the women’s carriage, if you are using Cairo’s metro. Going in mixed carriages with an escort feels safe – though harassment cases have been documented.

Decline help from workers or unregistered guides at tourist sites. They all want a tip or may expect something more.

Abstain from eating, drinking or smoking in public during Ramadan, which is said to be disrespectful and may be considered an offence.

Putting on a wedding ring or forging a husband can help in reducing attention.

Egypt has been known for brewing beer for over 3000 years and it is not forbidden to drink(some Muslims do), but going to a bar to drink alone would bring attention to yourself. If you step into a hotel, fast-food or taxi and get an unpleasant feeling, rely on that feeling and leave immediately.

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Updated On March 18, 2020