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Passions of the Nile: Tailored Explorations of Egypt's Hidden Gems

Welcome to “Special Interest,” a bespoke corner of our website dedicated to the unique and often overlooked facets of Egyptian exploration. This section is tailored for those who look beyond the conventional touristic paths, seeking deeper connections and more specialized experiences within Egypt’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether you are an enthusiast of archaeology, a lover of culinary arts, or an aficionado of birdwatching, “Special Interest” promises to guide you to the corners of Egypt where your passions can take flight.

Egypt’s heritage is as diverse as it is ancient, offering more than just its famed monuments and historical sites. “Special Interest” delves into the niche interests that make Egypt a treasure trove for specialized tours and activities. From the art of ancient Egyptian pottery and jewelry making to the modern movements in Egyptian cinema and literature, this section uncovers the layers of creativity and innovation that have flourished along the Nile for millennia.

For the gastronomes, embark on a culinary journey that explores the flavors and recipes that have been passed down through generations. Discover the spice-laden dishes of Alexandria, the hearty fava bean feasts of Cairo’s streets, and the unique seafood offerings of the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts. “Special Interest” also offers insights into Egypt’s burgeoning vineyards and organic farms, revealing a side of Egypt ripe for culinary exploration.

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts will find solace and excitement in Egypt’s varied landscapes, from birdwatching in the wetlands of the Nile Delta to exploring the biodiversity of the desert oases and the Red Sea‘s coral reefs. “Special Interest” guides you through the best times and places to immerse yourself in Egypt’s natural wonders, offering tips for responsible and sustainable travel.

History buffs and archaeology enthusiasts are invited to dig deeper into Egypt’s past, with exclusive insights into ongoing excavations, the latest discoveries, and how to participate in or support archaeological endeavors. This section also highlights specialized tours that focus on Egypt’s lesser-known dynasties, the development of hieroglyphics, and the evolution of ancient Egyptian religious practices.

“Special Interest” is not just about exploring Egypt’s offerings but doing so in a way that aligns with your personal passions and interests. It’s about creating a journey that resonates on a deeper level, offering a connection to Egypt that is both meaningful and memorable. Whether you’re planning your first visit or you’re a seasoned traveler to Egypt, this section promises to reveal new layers and offer new paths to explore in this endlessly fascinating country.

Dive into “Special Interest” and let us guide you to the unique experiences that await in Egypt, where every traveler can find their niche and every passion can be pursued amidst the backdrop of this ancient, vibrant land.

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“Experience an Egyptian adventure with desert camping, natural wonders, and luxury stays, including all meals, transfers, and professional guidance…..



“Embark on a 7-night Egyptian journey, featuring Giza’s pyramids, desert safaris, ancient wonders, inclusive meals, and starlit camping…..



“Explore Egypt’s iconic pyramids, Baharia Oasis, golden mummies, and stunning deserts over 5 nights, with all-inclusive hotels and meals….



“Discover Egypt’s Baharia Oasis, ancient villages, and stunning deserts over 4 nights, including desert camps, tours, and all meals….



“Embark on a 4-night Egyptian desert adventure, exploring Bahariya Oasis, unique mountains, ancient caves, and camping under the stars….



“Experience a 14-day spiritual and historical tour of Egypt, visiting monasteries, ancient ruins, and enjoying a luxurious Nile Cruise….



“Explore Egypt’s wonders: pyramids, museums, rural culture, camping under stars, spiritual hikes, ancient temples, and majestic Nile Cataracts, with comprehensive amenities….



“Experience Cairo’s historic sites, luxurious Nile resort relaxation, vibrant Sharm El Sheikh adventures, and bustling market tours, with inclusive high-grade services….



“Embark on an Egyptian adventure: Fayoum exploration, unique museums, Bahariya Oasis hot springs, and desert safaris with comprehensive amenities included….



“Explore Egypt’s marvels: Giza pyramids, Cairo Museum, Abu Simble Temple, Nile felucca ride, Luxor’s wonders, and Memphis, with all-inclusive high-grade services….



Real Reviews From Real People

I was in on a business trip to Cairo with my work colleagues for 1 week.. Honestly, I was very worried to travel to Egypt because of the many reports I read on Covid-19 spread in Egypt and how carelessly the government is handling it. It took me almost 2 days to decide if I would join my other co-workers in this trip or not but finally I made up my min to go. Seeing Saqqara Pyramid was one of my childhood dreams and I did not want to miss it.
New Winner Tour helped us plan our entire trip and were very honest about everything. Our extended family of 8 was originally going to do the trip on our own and we contacted New Winner Tours for transportation only. They explained all the options to us and we decided to let them book everything for us. We were so glad that we made that decision because they really took great care of us and our trip would not be so wonderful without their help.
It was not my first time to visit Egypt but, surely it was the longest, most well organised and remarkable tour ever. I visited Cairo, Alexandria, Siwa, Bahariya Oasis, Kharga, Dakhla, Baris, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simble in 24 day long, tiring yet awesome once in a life experience. Accompanied by an amazing tour guide Mr. Soliman and a very funny Safari driver and a punch of other amazing people at each spot we have stopped by. What really amazed me - away from the awesomeness of the sites we visited and the kind people we met- the amazing attention to each and every details regard our tour itinerary. If you have been to Egypt before you definitely know that it is not the place where you expect things will happen as exactly planned. BUT to my surprise, it was as well organised as my 7 years tour to Japan.. And just only by chance when I asked my guide how they could do such a perfect and flawless arrangements he said this thanks to the vision of the founder of the company who is inspired by the Japanese culture as he used to be a Japanese tour guide when he was young. Truly amazing ... It deserves every penny we paid and we did enjoy our time.. Thank you Travel2Egypt

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