Telephones In Egypt

Telecommunications Guide 

Telecommunications Guide for Travelers in Egypt

Navigating phone usage in Egypt can be straightforward with the right information. Here’s a comprehensive guide for travelers on using telephones and cellphones in Egypt:

Making Calls to and from Egypt

  1. International Access Code:
    • From the U.S. or Canada: Dial 011
    • From the U.K., Ireland, or New Zealand: Dial 00
    • From Australia: Dial 0011
  2. Country Code: Dial 2 for Egypt.
  3. City Code and Number: Dial the city code followed by the local number.

To Make International Calls from Egypt:

  1. Dial 00 followed by the country code (e.g., 1 for the U.S. or Canada, 44 for the U.K., 61 for Australia).
  2. Dial the Area Code and Number: For example, to call the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., dial 00-1-202-588-7800.

Directory and Operator Assistance

  • Directory Assistance: Dial 140 for English-speaking assistance within Egypt. Online assistance is available at 140 Online, but numbers may not be as current.
  • International Directory Assistance: Dial 144.
  • Operator Assistance: For international calls, dial 120; for local calls within Egypt, dial 140.

Toll-Free Numbers and Changes in Phone Numbers

  • Toll-Free Numbers in Egypt: Start with 0800. Note that calling U.S. 800 numbers from Egypt is not toll-free.
  • Changes in Cairo Phone Numbers: Cairo numbers (city code 02) changed from 7 to 8 digits. Add a 3 for numbers on the west side of the Nile and a 2 for the east side and central areas.

Cellphones in Egypt

      • GSM Network: Most of the world, including Egypt, uses GSM for mobile communications.
      • International Roaming: Contact your provider for international roaming options. Be aware of high per-minute charges.
      • Renting/Buying a Phone: Renting from hotels or buying a low-end handset locally can be cost-effective. The Conrad and Four Seasons offer rentals.
      • SIM Cards: Purchase SIM cards for about LE 200 ($12/£8) with a copy of your passport. Providers include Orange, Vodafone, and Etisalat.
      • Prepaid Credit: Available at stores selling SIM cards. For deals, visit TravelSim.

Tips for Travelers

      • Check Compatibility: Ensure your phone is compatible with the GSM network.
      • Consider Prepaid Options: Prepaid SIM cards are a convenient and budget-friendly option.
      • Be Aware of Costs: International calls can be expensive; consider using internet-based calling services.
      • Stay Informed: Keep updated with any changes in telephone systems or codes.

    By understanding these telecommunications options, travelers in Egypt can stay connected efficiently and affordably.

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