Toilets In Egypt 

Rest Rooms In Egypt

Egypt is a developing country, and a lot of things don’t work the same as your country. Restrooms can be very unkempt and many are not suitable for human use despite what you put on.

There are guarded toilets around main places, which surpass the former, but bear in mind that they are used by so many tourist. Someone may be stationed in front of the restrooms, giving toilet paper at a price of 5 LE, and they sometimes ensure the restrooms are kept quite clean.

Traveling to developing countries, you will not be using every restroom but you will encounter a lot of nasty restrooms.

It is easy to see neat rest rooms on par with the western standards.

Some formal public restrooms are available, but one can use restrooms in hotels and restaurants, even when you are not a client.

In Egypt, both “squat” and “sit down” restrooms can be seen, but the western sit down is more common.

Most restrooms in Egypt are designed with one of the following;

  • A bowel with a metal tube that focuses on the user’s rectum. A side tap with flushes with water from the tube
  • A nozzle on a rope dangling on a side of the loop [as displayed in the image]. This can be focused at the desired area and set off an efflux of water.

These improvements are to be used with the left hand [hence, the practice of Egyptians eating and shaking with the right hand], with the aim of tidying oneself after use. For this reason, it is not designed to take paper which would cause immediate damage. A bin is available for all papers.

Most toilets have an embedded bidet tube which can become dirty. To the right of the toilet tank, is where the knob for the bidet is situated. – In order to control the pressure, open it slowly.

In cities it is nice to make a mental image of all western-style eateries and top-notch hotels, as the most pleasant facilities found here.

During beach camps or walks through deserts, it is advisable to pack out all toilet paper or burn them as the wind may expose them if buried.

Updated On March 18, 2020