Most hotels in the tourist section of Egypt have Wi-Fi. Glance through places outlined on the hostel bookers that have Wi-Fi or not; when arranging to lodge in a place with Wi-Fi.

The hotels we lodged in all had Wi-Fi-some required an extra daily free and some were free. In Luxor, we made use of an internet café. Out of these places, two had Wi-Fi which worked only in the lobby area. You can connect your device to a café’s service if Wi-Fi isn’t there.

Access To The Internet In Egypt

Without your device

In Egypt, you can readily find a satisfying internet connection for free at a low price, with the smallest and most remote communities having internet connection. You can get messages and news, but you may have to oppress kids playing games.

It is important to know, that a 2006 modification of the local ministry of tourism in hotel rating system, demands all four and five-star hotels have Wi-Fi.

With your own device

Life is great in Egypt for tourists with personal devices. In Cairo, most cafés and restaurants have free Wi-Fi and those without, I are normally within reach of the others that do. Also two main service providers’ like etisalat and visafone are struggling to put Wi-Fi all over the area in Luxor and Sharm El-Sheikh. At the point of documenting, this service was shaky-free beta rollouts that provided low coverage and poor connection. Search for better connection can be done however. Warning: privacy options appear to be low on these services. Go through the terms before sign in, if you are worried that your browsing is being trailed and e-mails tracked.

In Egypt, the top-notch hotels have also joined the Wi-Fi-train, but it is not free for now. The twist of getting LE 250($15/€10)daily, For internet which can be gotten for free at a nearby café or at their three-star counterpart.

Look-up database at – www.jiwire.com for a list of hotspots in Egypt. Only insistent searchers of Wi-Fi would not be okay with something less valuable than a small “Wi-Fi spy”, obtainable at western equipment shops for $20 to $200, based on design. These little devices can search and scrutinize nearby Wi-Fi.

If your device lacks Wi-Fi, there is in-expensive and good automatic dial service all over the country, which can be gotten from your hotel room. I via the Ethernet port on your device, a lot of hotels and internet café’s will allow you to tap into their network.

For now, Terminal one of the Cairo international airports is resourced with free Wi-Fi service and Terminal two owns a wifi system with pay cards (provided at the terminal).

In Egypt, electricity is 220 volts and sockets are of European design, with two prongs. Fuses are always provided.

Ethernet patch wires are not scarce (usually provided by hotels with fast internet inside the rooms), however, substitute power cords for regular laptop designs are scarce.


In Egypt nowadays, the internet is restricted, as opening some sites that are important to the government have been closed. More worry would be following up of some sites with political attributes such as www.aljazeera.net and www.madamasr.com , and operation of discussion groups of to make arrangements for police to have horrible conflicts with gay men.

In the tourist destination of Egypt, there is a lot of Wi-Fi. Most places are found on the hostlebookers, and you’ll see if they have Wi-Fi service or not. Therefore, you can now make plans to be in a place that definitely has Wi-Fi.

The hotel we lodged in has free Wi-Fi; some will charge you daily for it. We depended on an internet café by the corner in Luxor. Out of three places we stayed in, two had Wi-Fi on the lobby only. If the Wi-Fi is unavailable, you are always free to connect your device to the café’s internet.

Without Your Own Computer

You easily get access to the internet in most places in Egypt, and even the smallest remote villages having at least the basic internet capacity. You may have to bully kids playing games to get access to this system, but you’ll be able to receive your messages and check the news.

Furthermore, the local ministry of Tourism hotel rating’s amendment in 2006 that all 4-5 star facilities are to offer internet access doesn’t mean anything.

With Your Own Computer

In Egypt, life is very easy for people with Wi-Fi-equipped laptops. In Cairo, most café and few restaurants offer free Wi-Fi connection, and doesn’t that don’t are usually around those that are offering. Furthermore, two main service providers (Vodafone and Orange) are in competition in offering Wi-Fi coverage in Luxor and Sharm El-Sheikh. During the time of writing this, the service was iffy –free and better rollouts that provided low bandwidth and irregular coverage – however, search for it to improve. Please take note: the privacy on these networks is quite loose. Ensure to go through the fine print before login in if you are concerned about your mails being read or your browsing is monitored.

In Egypt, big hotels now make use of Wi-Fi connection too. However, it isn’t free yet. The funny thing is that they are charging LE250 ($15/£10) daily for access to the internet when another hotel just across the street is offering it for free; that’s just a lost in them.

Check out the database at www.jiwire.com to get a list of hotspot in Egypt. People really in search of Wi-Fi won’t have anything less than a pocket-size “Wi-Fi spy.” You can get this at Western gadget stores for about $20-$200, depending on the quality. These devices are very handy and can sniff out and examine Wi-Fi networks around.

If your laptop doesn’t have the Wi-Fi feature, there is an affordable, good dial-up access all through the country that you could get from your hotel room. You are allowed in most hotels or cafés to tap into their network by using the Ethernet port on your laptop.

Right now, the Cairo International Airport has free Wi-Fi connection in its terminal one and there’s a Wi-Fi system that could be access by using your pay card (available on the terminal) in terminal two.

Theirs is 220 volts of electricity supply in Egypt, and the plugs have the European style with two circular prongs. There are adapters available for your use.

It’s easy to get Ethernet patch cables and they are usually supplied by hotels that have in-room high-speed internet. However, replacement power cards are hard to find, even for common laptops.


In Egypt recently, the internet has been widely censored, and some important sites that to the government are blocked. Most people are concerned with the monitoring of some sites with political features such as www.aljazeera.net and www.madamasr.com and also gay men have had incidences with the police through chat rooms.


Updated On March 18, 2020