The High Dam

The Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam, a monumental feat of engineering, is a significant landmark in Egypt’s modern history and plays a crucial role in the country’s development.

Upward view of the Aswan High Dam monument against a clear blue sky.
Engineering meets art at the Aswan High Dam.

Key Features and Historical Significance of the Aswan High Dam:

  1. Location and Construction: Located approximately five kilometers south of the original Aswan Dam (Low Dam), the Aswan High Dam was constructed in 1968. It stands as a symbol of Egypt’s 20th-century aspirations for progress and self-sufficiency.
  2. Collaboration with the Soviet Union: The dam was built with substantial assistance from the Soviet Union, which provided both financial support and technical expertise. This collaboration marked a significant period of Egyptian-Soviet relations during the presidency of Gamal Abdel Nasser.
  3. Dimensions and Design: The dam spans 3,600 meters in length, with a base width of 980 meters and a crest width of 40 meters. Its height is about 111 meters. The structure comprises approximately 43 million cubic meters of concrete and other materials.
  4. Flood Control and Irrigation: One of the primary functions of the Aswan High Dam is to regulate the flooding of the Nile River. This control has enabled consistent and predictable irrigation, transforming Egypt’s agricultural landscape.
  5. Hydroelectric Power Production: The dam is a crucial source of hydroelectric power, generating a significant portion of Egypt‘s electricity. This has been vital for the country’s industrial growth and development.
  6. Environmental and Social Impact: While the dam has brought numerous benefits, it has also had environmental and social impacts, including the displacement of communities and the alteration of ecosystems.
  7. Tourism and Educational Value: The Aswan High Dam is not only a functional structure but also a tourist attraction, drawing visitors interested in modern engineering marvels and the development of Egypt.
  8. Egyptian-Soviet Friendship Memorial: At the entrance of the High Dam stands a monument commemorating the Egyptian-Soviet friendship, symbolizing the collaborative effort in the dam’s construction.

In conclusion, the Aswan High Dam is a testament to Egypt’s aspirations for modernization and development in the mid-20th century. It continues to be an essential part of the nation’s infrastructure, significantly contributing to its agricultural and energy sectors. The dam remains a symbol of the era of Nasser, reflecting both the achievements and challenges of that time in Egypt’s history.

Created On April 22, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

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