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Things To Do In Asyut

Asyut, a city with deep historical roots in Upper Egypt, offers a blend of ancient sites and cultural experiences. While it may not be as tourist-heavy as other Egyptian cities, it still holds its unique charm and historical significance. Here are some key hotspots and activities to explore in Asyut:

Holy Virgin Dirunka Convent

  • Location: Approximately 11km from Asyut, nestled in a cliff.
  • Significance: Believed to be near the cave where the Holy Family took refuge.
  • Community: Home to monks and nuns.
  • Visiting: Guided tours available; a monk usually guides visitors.
  • Event: Hosts a significant festival in the last two weeks of August attracting pilgrims.

Khet Tomb

  • Era: Dating back to the 10th dynasty.
  • Significance: Dedicated to Prince Khat East and his wife Tefye.
  • Features: Contains texts referencing King Merikare and depictions of armed warriors.

Coptic Chapel

  • Location: Situated on a hill surrounded by rock.
  • View: Offers panoramic views of the Libyan desert’s western hills.

Arab Cemetery

  • Location: North of Asyut.
  • Significance: An ancient cemetery housing graves of numerous Arabs.

Activities in Asyut

  • Asyut Barrage: A 19th-century structure serving as a water management system and a bridge across the Nile. Photography is restricted.
  • Banana Island: Ideal for picnics, accessible via felucca (traditional boat). Expect to negotiate the fare with the boat captain.
  • Old Town: Features a bustling marketplace along the Nile riverbank, perfect for experiencing local life and shopping.

General Tips for Visiting Asyut

  1. Cultural Sensitivity: Be respectful of local customs and traditions.
  2. Transportation: Negotiate fares in advance, especially for felucca rides.
  3. Photography: Be aware of restrictions, particularly at sensitive sites like the Asyut Barrage.
  4. Local Cuisine: Try the local delicacies for a complete cultural experience.
  5. Guided Tours: Consider hiring a local guide to gain deeper insights into the historical significance of the sites.

Exploring Asyut can be a rewarding experience for those interested in delving into the less-traveled paths of Egypt’s rich history. The city offers a unique blend of religious significance, ancient history, and serene natural spots, making it a worthwhile destination for those seeking a deeper understanding of Egypt’s diverse cultural landscape.

Created On May 4, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

ASYUT Travel Guide
View of a bridge over the Nile River with residential buildings in the background in Asyut, Egypt.
Asyut's connection across the waters – a bridge over the Nile with the city's urban landscape behind
White architectural building with a minaret near the Nile River in Assiut, Egypt.
The Religious Institute in Assiut, Egypt, standing elegantly by the Nile.

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