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Experience The Lake Nasser

A very important part of the Abu Simbel experience, Lake Nasser was created due to the building of the High Dam and has since then being a significant attraction for tourists. At its deepest, the lake measures some 590ft below the surface covering many temples that were not relocated quickly enough before the onset of the flooding. Either you’re planning to just enjoy a peaceful cruise on one of the boats that sail on the waters, or you’re an angler hoping to catch a really heavy fish to brag with, Lake Nasser has all you’re looking for. Although there aren’t too many of them as to cause a threat, you should still be on the watch out for crocodiles which are known to be in the waters.

If you interested in nature and the outdoors and would like an experience of the Sahara Deserts ecosystem from the comfort of your own live-board boat, then include a small boat safari into your itinerary when you visit Egypt.

There is a lot to see and do, in many ways it’s like visiting a game park where you will have fun going for easy walks in a beautiful desert environment, viewing spectacular bird and wildlife, at the same time enjoying the experience of a comfortable boat safari waited on ‘hand & foot’ by a capable team of Nubian safari staff and guides.

Nile Perch Fishing

Lake Nasser is famous for its huge Nile perch and there is also the added bonus of exciting lighter tackle action targeting the hard fighting Tigerfish or night ledgering for the big Vundu and Bagrus catfish. Most anglers will catch the largest wild freshwater fish of their life and have an angling adventure they will never forget.

Updated On March 17, 2020