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How to Go to Al Wadi Al Gadid

AL Wadi Al-Gadid is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is in the southwestern part of the country, in Egypt’s Western Desert (part of the Sahara Desert), between the Nile, northern Sudan, and southeastern Libya.

1) By Bus

Upper Egypt Bus Company runs several buses daily to Wadi Al-Gadid and it has many stops in Cairo. Here is the full list

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo tel: 0225760261.

El-Tagnid Sq., Gesr El-Suez, Cairo tel: 0226347467

4 Dr. Mohamed Khairy St., El-Manyal, Cairo tel: 0223649720

Aboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo tel: 0224316723

El-Mahatta St., El-Dakhla, El-Wadi El-Gadid tel: 0927821538

El-Gamea El-Kabir Sq., El-Dakhla, El-Wadi El-Gadid tel: 0927824366

Landmark: Below Tourism Police Station, El-Mahatta St., Luxor tel: 0952372118