Currency in Aswan


How To Go To Aswan

Getting To Aswan

1) By Air

Although there are very few carriers that are running flights from Cairo to Aswan on certain days of the week, Egypt Air stands as the only daily regular flights are available from Cairo to Aswan (Almost 1.20 hours). Prices vary according to certain elements like flying season “Winter is higher around 180$, while in Summer it may fall down to 150$” flying day “Fri and Sat, higher in price” and flying time “very early in the morning around 03:00 is cheaper than 07:00 ~ 08:00”

2) By Boats

Nile Cruises, Dahabiyas, and even Feluccas remain a great option to consider if you want to enjoy amazing views.

3) By Bus

Traveling by bus is not recommended unless you are on a very tight budget as the distance from Cairo is almost 970 KM which might be covered within 16 ~ 18 hours considering the bad conditions of the roads in such an area in Egypt.