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Aswan International Sculpture Symposium

The symposium can be seen every winter in Aswan. If you want to see the symposium, then book your reservations at the Basma Hotel because it is the chosen host of the event. You will see the most talented Egyptian sculptors as well as international sculptors, along with the beautiful garden on the plateau above the Nile.

A lot of granite quarries are nearby, which is perfect for the sculptors who ant to create a fabulous aesthetic appeal for the environment. A mixture of young sculptors and international artists interact with each other and create impressive works of art that are not seen anywhere else. The National Cinema Council is assigned to create a documentary film each year about the symposium.

At the conclusion of the event, a ceremony is held where golden symbols and certificates are handed out. You’ll find many important people attending this ceremony, including the Minister of Culture, the ambassadors of many different nations, the Aswan Governor, Egyptian media, Egyptian sculptors, critics, and lots of local public figures and celebrities.

Updated On May 04, 2020