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Aswan International Sculpture Symposium

A fixed date was assigned for the symposium to be held annually in winter in a place close to citizens and tourists.  Basma Hotel has been chosen to host the Egyptian and foreign sculptors and its garden which lies on a plateau over the Nile and close to granite quarries has been selected as the working site. 

The committee suggested putting a scientific plan for the aesthetic effects of the distribution of the executed works.  It has been suggested that a group of young sculptors accompany the international artists to allow direct interaction and further development of the former talents.  

Concerning the subject and the way of expression, it has been left entirely to the artist.  Coordination with audiovisual mass media to cover the entire event has been also planned in addition to assigning the National Cinema Council to produce a documentary film about the event each year. 

A ceremony is organized at the end of the symposium to distribute certificates and golden symbols. The ceremony is attended by the Minister of Culture, the Governor of Aswan, the ambassadors of participating countries, public figures in all fields, and Egyptian and foreign media men, critics and sculptors.