Currency in Aswan


Aswan Local Market

The Souq of Aswan

Each city in Egypt has a local market. However, the Aswan Local Market is quite distinctive as it offers a huge variety of goods and products.

Aswan was once an important centre of the trading caravans between Africa and the Nile Valley. Commercial caravans loaded with spices, cloth, and different commodities used to land in Aswan coming from different regions in Africa.

Included in almost all tour packages to Aswan, the town here is famous for selling different spices which are good at curing many diseases and for enhancing the health of all people in general.

The market, or the souk in the Arabic language, also sells wonderful oriental dresses and outfits, pottery, Nubian statues and goods, souvenirs, and different gifts.

Running parallel with the River Nile, the best thing to do in the Aswan Souq is to wander around viewing the different goods and bargaining with the sellers to get the best prices.