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Aswan Local Market

The Souq of Aswan

Every Egyptian city has its local market. The Aswan Market (The Souq in Arabic), however, is very unique as it sells a wide range of goods and products. The city itself was considered the major trade base caravans between Africa and the Nile Valley. Aswan market receives the Commercial caravans filled with cloth, spices, and other assorted goods arriving from different African regions.

A visit to the market is included in most of the Aswan tour packages, as the town is well known for the sales of various disease curing spices and great herbs for improving the general health of all residents. Other amazing items such as pottery, oriental dresses and outfits, sculptures, and products of the Nubian, souvenirs, and different gifts items are also sold in the Aswan market.

Strolling through the Aswan market and watching as the traders bargain and transact business is another interesting to do in the Aswan tour alongside the River Nile activities.

Updated On April 30, 2020