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The Aswan High Dam

The High Dam In Aswan

The Aswan High Dam is situated only five kilometres to the South of the old dam or the Aswan Dam. It is a huge water Dam constructed in 1968 in the reign of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the former Egyptian president with the help of the Soviet Union.

The construction of the High Dam is considered to be one of the most important achievements of the Egyptians in contemporary times. The High Dam has been of great benefit to Egypt as it helped the Egyptians to control the floods of the Nile. It is also considered until today the first and the most important source of electricity in Egypt.

The dam has a length of 3600 meters, the width of the base is 980 meters, the width of the top is 40 meters, and its height is around 111 meters. The body of the High Dam is 43 million cubic meters of cement, iron, and many other materials.

The Soviet Union, after a long negation period with Great Britain and the United States, agreed to fund the construction of the High Dam by paying 320 million dollars to the Egyptian governorate. The Soviet engineers and consultants have also assisted the Egyptians in the construction and the operation processes. This is why there is the Egyptian-Soviet friendship memorial situated at the entrance of the High Dam.