Currency in Marsa Alam

Port Ghalib Marina

According to the Marina’s own website it can host an amada of ships to rival Homer’s Trojan epic – up to 1,000 yachts – making it the largest in the Middle East, although you will rarely see more than a dozen moored and it may be some years before Kharafi’s dreams for Port Ghalib are realized, if ever. It’s doubtful whether his five children will have quite the same unmitigated enthusiasm for this beautiful, but remote location over 1000km from their homeland.

If you wish to moor your yacht, the berthing charges are very reasonable – just $2.00 a week or $266 a year for any foreign registered vessels of between 6.1 metres and 14 metres in length as of February 2013. Full table of rates given here.  

You can even squeeze a fifty metre yacht in to the marina – unfortunately I’m not sure what the charge is for that – but presumably if your name is Roman Abramovich you won’t be too worried.