The Town of Marsa Alam

The Town Of Marsa Alam

Perched at the pivotal junction where the ancient road from Edfu converges with the Red Sea coast, Marsa Alam is a town steeped in history. Constructed during the Greek period under Ptolemy II, this route traverses through the Eastern Desert, past sites where the ancient Egyptians mined gold. The area is also celebrated for its intriguing rock inscriptions, dating back to the pre-dynastic era. These ancient graffiti, depicting ostrich hunting and various animals such as giraffes and cattle, offer a fascinating glimpse into Egypt’s distant past.

From Sleepy Village to Bustling Resort

Once a tranquil fishing village, Marsa Alam has undergone a remarkable transformation. The advent of the Marsa Alam International Airport catalyzed a tourism boom, propelling this serene town into the limelight as one of Egypt’s fastest-growing holiday destinations. Poised to rival the popularity of famed resorts like Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, Marsa Alam owes much of its allure to its status as the gateway to some of the southern Red Sea’s most breathtaking dive sites. This has made it a magnet for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the globe.

The Underrated Charm of Marsa Alam

Despite its growing popularity, Marsa Alam remains one of the region’s most underrated destinations. It is a melting pot of cultures, home to hotel workers from across Egypt, local Bedouins, miners from nearby gold mines, and traders providing essential services. The town, conveniently located near many regional hotels, offers a variety of shops selling both necessities and souvenirs, a reasonably priced market, and a selection of modest yet clean restaurants and cafes. The warmth and genuine friendliness of the locals towards visitors add to the town’s inviting atmosphere.

A Modern Town with a Lively Evening Pulse

While Marsa Alam may lack the architectural charm of more ancient Egyptian towns, it possesses a modern, functional beauty. During the heat of midday, the town often takes on the quietude of a ghost town, but as evening approaches and the temperature cools, it transforms. The streets come alive with the returning working population, creating a vibrant, lively atmosphere that contrasts with its daytime serenity.

Created On 1 Jan 2019

Updated On January 28, 2024

MARSA ALAM Travel Guide
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