Port Ghalib Marina

Port Ghalib Marina

Port Ghalib Marina, a majestic harbor on the edge of the Red Sea, stands as a testament to grand ambitions. Often likened to the mighty fleets of Homer’s Trojan epics, the marina boasts the capacity to host an astounding armada of up to 1,000 yachts, making it the largest in the Middle East. While this vision of a bustling port is yet to be fully realized, with typically only a handful of yachts moored at any given time, the marina remains a symbol of aspiration and grandeur.

A Vision in the Making

The dream of transforming Port Ghalib into a premier maritime destination was a vision passionately pursued by its founder. However, with over 1,000 kilometers separating it from the bustling cities of its founders’ homeland, the future of this remote yet breathtaking marina remains a subject of speculation. Will the next generation embrace this vision with the same fervor? Only time will tell.

Affordable Mooring for the Sea Adventurer

For those seeking to dock their vessels at this serene location, Port Ghalib Marina offers surprisingly affordable berthing charges. As of my last information update in February 2013, foreign registered vessels ranging from 6.1 to 14 meters in length could enjoy a week’s stay for a mere $2.00, or an annual fee of $266. Though these rates may have evolved since then, they reflect the marina’s commitment to accessibility for seafarers from around the globe.

Accommodating the Giants of the Sea

The marina is not just for the modest sailor; even luxurious yachts stretching up to fifty meters can find refuge in its waters. While the exact cost for mooring such colossal vessels remains elusive, it is safe to assume that for yacht owners in the echelon of Roman Abramovich, the price is but a small detail in the grand scheme of their nautical ventures.

Port Ghalib Marina: A Haven for Sailors and Dreamers

Port Ghalib Marina, with its ambitious scale and serene setting, is more than just a docking point—it’s a beacon for sailors, dreamers, and adventurers seeking to explore the enchanting waters of the Red Sea. Whether you’re steering a modest boat or a lavish yacht, this marina welcomes you with open arms and the promise of tranquil seas.

Created On 1 Jan 2019

Updated On January 28, 2024

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