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Tours In Marsa Alam

1) Luxor Excursion

Probably the world’s most impressive open-air museum – wonderful treasures and beautifully preserved remains of Egypt’s pharaonic past including Karnak Temple – the largest ancient religious site ever built.  

Also possibly the best place in Upper Egypt for souvenir shopping and has many excellent restaurants and local coffee houses. Here you can see “the real Egypt” and watch the pastoral way of life in Luxor’s West Bank. Great sunsets over the river Nile – best appreciated from one of the many traditional sailing boats or feluccas.

Note: Along three-hour journey although the route inland across the mountains, the high desert plateau and then the Nile Valley is good for photo opportunities. Don’t forget to set the alarm -you have to wake up quite early – ask at your hotel’s reception if they can arrange an early breakfast for you – alternatively, the driver can stop on route to pick up a breakfast snack.

2) Cairo Excursion

There’s so much you can see or do. The awe-inspiring pyramids, the Egyptian Museum with over 120,000 items from Pharaonic times, Islamic Cairo with its labyrinth of narrow streets and bustling markets – a relic of the city’s former spice trade economy.  

And today the city is the Arab World’s largest and culturally most important city teeming with energy. You can explore the history or culture or go shopping or party.  

Note: Pollution, traffic chaos, some minor types of crime such as pickpocketing higher than elsewhere and also it’s relatively expensive to get to from Marsa Alam as much the quickest way of getting there is by air.  A car takes at least seven hours from Marsa Alam to central Cairo. 

3) Seascope Submarine Trip

If you are travelling as a family with young children or you don’t like getting wet, are not a strong swimmer or you are afraid of dangerous sea creatures – then this is the perfect way to see the beautiful and exotic marine life of the coral reefs from the safety and comfort of a semi-submarine. 

In fact, you are at a depth of three metres so the experience is more similar to scuba diving than snorkelling.  However, you can still enjoy the view in air-conditioned comfort while your normal digital camera – which wouldn’t last a minute in the sea – will work fine here.

Note: You lose some of the freedom of movement you have when snorkelling or scuba diving and if the sea is rough the ship can be a little rocky – totally normal and safe – but those susceptible to seasickness should choose a calm day.  

4) Aswan Excursion

Enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Egypt looking out over the Nile, shop in one of Upper Egypt’s largest souks for some real bargains, see Nubian villages and enjoy their hospitality and you can also see some of Egypt’s ancient sites as well as the highly impressive High Dam.

Note: It’s a considerable distance from Marsa Alam – about three or four hours by car – and although the ancient sites are fascinating they cannot really compete with the impressive treasures of Luxor – also on offer as an excursion. However, you can combine both cities with a Nile cruise or a two-day overland excursion.