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Mother Nature obviously is really angry! Human beings have been cursed with the anger of a terrible environment in past times, and man is the architect of these occurring events. The temperature of the earth is increasing rapidly; there are accelerated rates of ice melting.

Ecological friendly systems are partially stable. Summer floods swept Northern Europe a few years ago. There was also the issue of a tidal wave elapsing into the coastal banks at the Asian subcontinent, dormant volcanoes erupted in El Nino, twisters caused massive destruction in the coastal U.S., and Japan had an earthquake and tsunami havoc recently.

Many people are scared owing to the negative effects of the intoxicated ozone layer and also all the terrible happenings. At what point will man learn? Can our children still see that beautiful earth?

In some areas, it isn’t this bad. For example, along with the west coast of the Red Sea, Mother Earth expresses her caring, forgiving and nurturing nature. This is an indication that we could have a better future – especially for individuals affected with orthopedic and dermatological diseases.

In Safaga, Beauty is skin-deep!

Psoriasis – a prolonged, seditious, non-contagious skin ailment seeming as red flaking blotches – is cured by the distinctive environmental singularities predominant in Safaga (50 kilometers south of Hurghada), as established by a chain of studies carried out under the backings of the Ministries of Scientific Research and Tourism in Egypt.

Climatotherapy, which is a natural and satisfying treatment based solely on the environment, is encouraged by the distinct physical components of Safaga. As steroid creams, synthetic rays, and recommended systemic drugs can badly damage the internal organs of the body, it is a strongly recommended substitute which absents the severe adverse effects linked with other means of addressing psoriasis.

First, with an investigational group consisting 80 persons, a theory carried out by a dermatologist based in Cairo demonstrated that the typical natural weather conditions as well as perfect landscape and terrestrial structures in Safaga aids in the control of this illness, showing that climatotherapy truly is effective for psoriasis cases. The possibility of this was deduced by:

Safaga’s shore is encompassed by neighboring mountains which function as a natural fence, preventing wind and providing a clear sky.

As Safaga’s shore resembles a cove, the number of sunrays reaching it is increased than in any other area since the air is practically dust-free. Thus, the sunrays are deterred to the plains and are prevalent at dawn and late afternoons.

As a result, elongated contact with sun-rays as well as water salts is vital in the treatment of psoriasis. The regimen that patients require is completed when they bah in the very salty Safaga seawater – with over a 34% of salt concentration. Positive effects are generated from the sea and sunbathing (for four straight weeks) in Safaga, and then the use of Vaseline or other keratolytic substance like salicylic acid ointments is an addition. It is shown from the first experiment that mud bath heals approximately 90% of patients are completely in Safaga.

Tourist showed recovery from rheumatoid arthritis as they resided in the tourist community in 1991. Further research of this rare occurrence by the National Research Centre showed that the disease is very rare in this area (just about 0.014%) compared to all other areas of the world which usually has a one percent incident rate.

All these findings result in a better environmental feature of this locality. Up to 16 rheumatoid patients are on this grey sand found on the Safaga coast as well as the sun rays. Other groups were exposed to these elements for the same amount of time (about 109 people), and after six months, checkups were done and it showed massive recovery by the general clinical results, if not total recovery and just a limited amount of patience expressed retrogression or a little relapse.

The elements that are related to rheumatoid are held down, like erythrocyte sedimentation rate, joint pains or tenderness, rheumatoid factor or morning tension.

Professionals are not fully clear on the natural resources in Safaga. The following is shown: the grey sand consists of 3 radioactive elements (thorium, uranium, and k40 in a limited amount).

Dense ultraviolet rays are generated by the hills around in a horseshoe-shaped pattern and also the T-cell functions are regulated by the reflecting sea surface, and then the stress-free, calm surrounding in the resort may collectively result in getting better quickly.

A course medication at one of Safaga’s hotel clinics requires you to lay flat on the pits for four weeks (3 hours daily), with the diseased joints filled by 5cm of grey sand. The patients are required to move the joint in every 30 minutes. They are supplied with water, orange juice and lemonade to compensate lost fluids. The patients are covered in towels and warm baths are taken at the end of each period, after calming down away from the drafts. Professional’s advice additional in salt intake, distant walks during the day (except the regular walks)

Health Tourism Blooming

Queen Hatshepsut was a victim of psoriasis. She bathed in the healing waters of Safaga that took a course from Qena passing the crevices across the mountains.

You can find proper medical attention at these hotels, but the expenses cannot be compared to the amount spent on expensive creams, commercial drugs and also hospitalization. There was major growth in tourism before January 25th, where tourist mostly came from France, Poland, and Germany. Safaga’s medication amenities as unique potential so let’s hope that just like in the past years, there will be heavy visits to Safaga.

There are over 25 million people living with psoriasis, and it is no different for rheumatoid arthritis either. Let’s begin to take care of this world the way we do to ourselves and have no doubts about the workings of Mother Nature.

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