Ismailia Travel Guide

Ismailia: Gateway to the Canal Region

Ismailia, a city nestled within the Ismailia Governorate, holds a pivotal position in the heart of the Canal region in Egypt. This vibrant governorate encompasses approximately 4482.8 square kilometers, equivalent to 0.46% of Egypt’s total land area. Its eastern boundary stretches along the coast of the Suez Canal for 70 kilometers, making it a strategic hub for the region. Ismailia Governorate serves as the administrative capital for the Suez Canal Authority and is home to the esteemed Suez Canal University.

Lake Timsah and the Canal Coast:

Ismailia is graced with a picturesque location along the shores of Lake Timsah, adorning the coastline of the Suez Canal. Positioned midway between the cities of Port Said and Suez, Ismailia enjoys a unique setting that combines the tranquility of the lake with the bustling activity of the canal. In its early days, the city bore the name “Timsah Village,” but it was later renamed in honor of Khedive Ismail of Egypt.

Governorate Overview:

The Ismailia Governorate comprises five distinct cities: Ismailia, Fayed, Al-Tal Al-Kabeer, Qantara West, and Qantara East. Ismailia City itself is located approximately 120 kilometers from Cairo via the direct “desert highway” route or 135 kilometers through the countryside road.

Population and Diversity:

As of the 2018 census, Ismailia Governorate was estimated to be home to around 1,115,000 inhabitants, with 58% residing in urban areas and 42% in rural communities. This accounts for approximately 1.21% of Egypt’s total population. Ismailia’s diverse population contributes to its vibrant culture and dynamic atmosphere.

Connectivity and Infrastructure:

The Ismailia Governorate boasts a well-developed network of roads that seamlessly connect all its parts. This integrated infrastructure ensures smooth traffic flow and accessibility, linking the city of Ismailia with its surrounding suburbs. Whether by road or other means, the governorate offers convenient transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

Historical Riches:

Ismailia Governorate is not just a modern administrative center; it also harbors numerous ancient and antiquity areas that bear witness to Egypt’s storied past. These historical sites add to the region’s allure, providing a glimpse into the rich history that has shaped Ismailia into the dynamic hub it is today.

As a gateway to the Canal region, Ismailia stands as a testament to Egypt’s resilience and progress. Its strategic location, cultural diversity, and historical significance make it a captivating destination worth exploring. Whether you seek the serenity of Lake Timsah, the intrigue of the Suez Canal, or the charm of its ancient sites, Ismailia welcomes you with open arms.

Created On 1 Jan 2019

Updated On April 27, 2024

ISMAILIA Travel Guide
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