Travelling Around

Guide to Getting Around Luxor

Luxor offers various transportation options suitable for different preferences and needs. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the city effectively:

1. From Luxor Airport

  • Distance: 7 km east of Luxor.
  • Taxis: No official price; typically E£70 to E£100 or more. Potential for higher prices and driver disputes.
  • Recommendation: Consider arranging a transfer through your hotel for peace of mind.
  • Bus Service: Currently, no bus service from the airport to the town.

2. Bicycles

  • Suitability: Ideal for exploring the compact town and the west bank.
  • Night Cycling: Not recommended due to local driving habits.
  • Rental Options: Many hotels offer bike rentals. Recommended rental service: 7 Days 7 Ways – also organizes cycling tours.
  • Crossing to West Bank: Bikes can be taken on the ferry.
  • West Bank Rentals: Available near the ferry landing.

3. Feluccas

  • Overview: Abundant along the Nile for short trips.
  • Cost: Depends on bargaining skills.
  • Departure Points: Various locations along the river.

4. Hantour (Horse-Drawn Carriages)

  • Experience: Ideal for sightseeing, especially in the evening.
  • Routes: Popular for trips between Luxor and Karnak Temples.
  • Cost: Varies based on distance and bargaining.

5. Pick-Up Taxis (Kabout) and Microbuses

  • Convenience: Often quick and easy for local routes.
  • Operation: Fixed routes, stop on request.
  • Routes: For Karnak Temples, take from Luxor station or behind Luxor Temple (cost: around 50pt).

6. Taxis

  • Availability: Plentiful in Luxor.
  • Pricing: Requires bargaining; short trips start from E£10.
  • Day Trips: Can be hired for excursions on the west bank (cost: E£150 to E£250).

Important Tips

  • Bargaining: Essential for most transport options.
  • Safety: Prioritize safety, especially at night or in less familiar areas.
  • Local Customs: Be aware of local driving habits and cultural nuances.
  • Hotel Assistance: Hotels can often provide valuable advice or arrangements for transportation.

Luxor’s transportation network is diverse, offering flexibility and convenience for tourists exploring this historic city. Whether you prefer the charm of a bicycle ride, the comfort of a taxi, or the unique experience of a felucca, Luxor has options to suit your travel style.

LUXOR Travel Guide
A serene river with lush greenery on the bank and a small boat moored near the shore
Quietude on the water – nature's embrace by the riverside
An obelisk with hieroglyphic engravings against a twilight sky
Timeless Scripts - The enduring legacy of Egyptian hieroglyphs etched onto an obelisk

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