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Dining and Restaurants in Marsa Matruh

Marsa Matruh, known for its beautiful coastal setting, also offers a variety of dining experiences that cater to different tastes. Here’s a guide to some of the notable restaurants in Marsa Matruh:

  1. Corallo: A Seafood Lover’s Dream At Corallo, seafood aficionados can indulge in a feast of fresh catches from the Mediterranean. Known for its expertise in seafood dishes, Corallo serves both lunch and dinner, making it a perfect spot for any meal. Located in Almaza Bay, along the North Coast at km37 East Mersa Matruh, this restaurant offers diners not only exquisite food but also captivating coastal views.

    Kamona: A Taste of Egypt Kamona brings the essence of Egyptian cuisine to the table, complemented by a selection of barbecue dishes. Situated on Alexandria Street in Mersa Matruh, it’s an ideal destination for those eager to explore the rich flavors of local Egyptian cuisine, all in a welcoming and authentic atmosphere.

    Morgana: Mediterranean Delights For those who have a penchant for Mediterranean cuisine, Morgana is a must-visit. Specializing in dinner services, this restaurant located in Almaza Bay at km37 East Mersa Matruh, not only offers a menu filled with Mediterranean wonders but also provides diners with a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the overall dining experience.

    Makai Tukai: Fusion with a View Makai Tukai, set in the scenic Almaza Bay at km37 East Mersa Matruh, is a haven for lovers of Asian Fusion cuisine. Serving dinner, this restaurant combines the best of Asian flavors with a twist, all within a beautiful coastal setting, making every meal a memorable one.

    Conclusion: Marsa Matruh’s Diverse Dining Scene In summary, Marsa Matruh’s dining scene is as varied as it is delightful. Whether you’re seeking a meal overlooking the serene Mediterranean, craving the rich tastes of Egypt, longing for Mediterranean cuisine, or in the mood for some Asian Fusion, Marsa Matruh’s restaurants cater to every palate. Each dining spot in this coastal city is not just about food; it’s about an experience, blending flavors, views, and culture into a unique culinary journey.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 28, 2024

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Culinary Journey Through Egypt: A Taste of Tradition and Innovation

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