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Guide to Traveling to Qena

Reaching Qena, with its unique blend of historical and cultural attractions, is straightforward, offering various transportation options to suit different preferences. Here’s a guide on how to get to Qena:

  1. Train Travel
    • Trains are a popular and convenient way to travel to Qena, especially for those looking for comfort and scenic views.
    • Qena’s train station is well-connected, with most north-south trains making a stop here.
    • Options include 1st and 2nd-class air-conditioned trains to Luxor, costing E£21/14 for a 40-minute journey.
    • Trains to Al-Balyana offer 2nd and 3rd class seats at E£15/8 for a two-hour trip.
  2. Private Taxi
    • Ideal for those seeking a more private and direct mode of transportation.
    • Offers flexibility in terms of timing and pick-up locations.
  3. Bus Services
    • The Upper Egypt Bus Co operates from the bus station opposite the train station.
    • Regular services are available to major destinations like Cairo (E£60), Hurghada (E£25), and Suez (E£60).
    • Buses are a budget-friendly option, suitable for longer distances.
  4. Microbus Services
    • For those preferring a more local experience, microbuses are available.
    • The microbus station, located 1km inland from the bridge, provides routes to various destinations.
    • Travel south to Luxor (E£4) and Aswan (E£20), east to Hurghada (E£20), Marsa Alam (E£40), and Suez (E£60), and north to Nag Hamadi (E£4), Sohag (E£15), and Asyut (E£20).

In conclusion, reaching Qena is convenient and can be tailored to your travel style, whether you prefer the comfort of trains, the privacy of taxis, the economy of buses, or the local charm of microbuses. Each mode of transport offers a unique way to start your adventure in this historically rich Egyptian city.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

QENA Travel Guide
Close-up of an ancient carved stone hieroglyph
Whispers of the past: A fragment of history immortalized in stone hieroglyphs
An ancient sandstone temple by a river, with its clear reflection on the water surface.
The serene riverside temple echoes its grandeur on the water's surface, a testament to ancient architectural prowess

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