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Safaga: A Blend of History, Healing, and Harbors

Embark on a captivating journey through Safaga, a town steeped in history and bustling with modern activity. This narrative will take you through the evolution of Safaga, from its ancient origins to its current status as a hub of therapeutic tourism and a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the enchanting story of Safaga, a town that juxtaposes its rugged charm with the allure of the Red Sea.

Ancient Beginnings and Historical Significance

  • Safaga’s story begins between 282 BC and 268 BC, founded under the name Philotera by the Greek Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy II Philadelphus. Named in honor of his sister, this ancient town has witnessed the ebb and flow of time, standing as a silent testament to centuries of history.

Therapeutic Haven and Medical Marvel

  • Today, Safaga is renowned as one of the most significant therapeutic tourist centers. Medical research has highlighted its potential, drawing international attention for its unique healing properties. The town’s black sand dunes and mineral-rich waters offer natural remedies, making it a sought-after destination for wellness tourism.

From Merchant Port to Tourist Attraction

  • For years, Safaga functioned primarily as a merchant port. Its evolution into a tourist destination, particularly for scuba diving enthusiasts, marks a significant shift in its character. In 1993, it proudly hosted the Red Sea World Windsurfing Championships, showcasing its appeal to water sports aficionados.

A Working Town with a Rustic Charm

  • Despite its touristic developments, Safaga remains a rough-and-ready port town, thriving on the export of phosphates from nearby mines. It serves as a crucial terminal for ferries to Saudi Arabia, especially during the hajj season when it becomes a pivotal point for pilgrims journeying to Mecca.

Contrasting Beauty and Urban Reality

  • The town, with its turquoise waters and offshore reefs, presents a stark contrast to its urban landscape. The streets of Safaga, though unadorned and practical, lead to the vibrant life along the waterfront. However, it’s the northern resort strip, with its windsurfing and diving opportunities, that truly captures the essence of Safaga’s touristic appeal.

Navigating Safaga

  • The town stretches along Sharia al Gomhuriyya, the main artery paralleling the waterfront. At its northern end, near the roundabout adorned with dolphin sculptures, a road branches off, leading to the resort area. This strip is where Safaga’s touristic heart beats the strongest, offering a glimpse into the town’s leisurely side.

In this narrative, Safaga emerges not just as a destination but as a character in its own right – a town balancing its historical roots with its role as a modern therapeutic and tourist center. It’s a place where the past and present coexist, offering a unique experience to those who wander its streets and explore its waters.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

SAFAGA Travel Guide
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