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How To Go To St. Catherine

Traveling to Saint Catherine in Egypt involves a few different options, each with its own considerations. Here’s a breakdown of the various ways to reach this unique destination:

Bus to St Catherine’s Village

  • From Cairo: There is a daily bus service from Cairo to St Catherine. The bus departs Cairo at 11 AM and arrives in St Catherine at around 6 PM. For the return journey, the bus leaves St Catherine at 6 AM and reaches Cairo approximately at 1 PM. It’s recommended to buy tickets a day in advance in Cairo and arrive at the terminal an hour early. However, when traveling from St Catherine to Cairo, advance ticket purchase may not be possible.
  • No Direct Public Bus Connections: Unfortunately, there are no direct public bus services from St Catherine to other destinations in Sinai like Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, or Nuweiba.

Bedouin Bus

  • For Travelers to/from Dahab or Nuweiba: The Bedouin Bus is a community bus service available for those traveling between Dahab or Nuweiba and St Catherine.

Private Bus to St. Catherine’s

  • For Mount Sinai Climbers: Organized trips are available from Dahab, Nuweiba, and Sharm El Sheikh for tourists aiming to climb Mount Sinai. These buses typically leave late in the evening (around 11 PM from Dahab/Nuweiba or 10 PM from Sharm El Sheikh) and return the following morning after the climb.

Taxis to St Catherine’s

  • From Dahab, Nuweiba, or Sharm El Sheikh: If you plan to spend a few days in St Catherine and are coming from these locations, taxis are a viable option.
    • From Sharm El Sheikh, take a public bus to Dahab, then negotiate a taxi to St Catherine (around 450 LE for a one-way trip, about 2 hours).
    • From Nuweiba, the cost and distance are similar.
    • A direct taxi from Sharm El Sheikh to St Catherine can cost around 1100 LE.

Air Travel

  • St Catherine’s Airport: The region does have an airport, but it is currently reserved for Egyptian military use and not available for commercial flights.

Key Points to Remember

    • Advance Planning: Especially for bus travel, it’s advisable to plan and purchase tickets in advance where possible.
    • Taxi Negotiations: Be prepared to negotiate taxi fares, especially if traveling from Dahab or Nuweiba.
    • Military Airport: The existence of a military airport means no commercial flights are available directly to St Catherine.

Traveling to Saint Catherine requires some planning, especially due to its somewhat isolated location and the lack of direct public transportation from many nearby tourist destinations. However, the unique experiences and natural beauty of the area make the effort worthwhile.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

ST. CATHERINE Travel Guide
Mural depicting Saint Catherine City with mountains, a camel, and cultural icons.
aint Catherine City, Egypt: A vibrant mural showcasing the city's unique blend of culture and nature at the gateway to Sinai's rugged beauty
Two individuals stand on separate rocky outcrops overlooking a mountain range at dawn
As the sun casts its first light, two adventurers pause to absorb the majesty of the mountain's embrace

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