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Explore the culinary heart of Giza with our guide to the most enticing dining experiences this historic city has to offer. Each restaurant we’ve selected is a gem, offering not just food, but a taste of Egypt’s rich culture and heritage.

Hati al-Geish: A Carnivore's Paradise

Step into Hati al-Geish and be enveloped by the tantalizing aroma of charcoal-cooked meats. This is a haven for meat lovers, with standout dishes like succulent kastileeta (lamb chops) and tender moza (shanks) that are perfect for a hearty gnaw. Don’t miss the moza fatta, a delightful combination of shanks served alongside a savory rice-and-pita casserole. While there’s no beer, the fresh juices adorned with pink sugar rims are a treat, and the dapper waiters add to the charming ambiance.

Sudan Restaurant: A Taste of Sudan in the Heart of Giza

Nestled in a quaint alley, Sudan Restaurant stands out as the neatest and arguably the most delightful of the Sudanese eateries in the area. Their salata iswid, a spicy blend of eggplant and peanuts, and qarassa, a stew served in a bread bowl, are must-tries. Located at 2 Juhaina St., this gem is a little hidden, with its sign in Arabic only – look for yellow letters on a red background.

Artine 2000: Homely Egyptian Delights

Artine 2000 offers simple, home-style Egyptian cuisine in a cozy, two-story setting. The mulukhiyya soup, rich with garlic and served with rabbit or meatballs, is a standout. Hearty tagens (stews) and fried eggplant loaded with garlic set the stage for a memorable meal. Keep an eye out for the ‘2000’ on the sign, a beacon leading to this culinary haven at the corner of Qasr el-Nil.

Arabesque: A Chic Culinary Experience

Arabesque is a fashionable spot, known for its unique Stella-bottle chandeliers and vibrant lounge atmosphere. While primarily a bar, the food here is exceptional. Classic mains like stuffed pigeon are on offer, but the hot and cold mezze – zingy pickled eggplant, delicate vine leaves, and delightful shwarma sliders – are equally tempting. Reservations are recommended on weekends.

Gad: A Lighthouse of Flavor

Gad, with its distinctive lighthouse logo, is a beacon for those seeking a late-night culinary adventure. The ground floor buzzes with takeaway activity, offering everything from fiteer (flaky pizza) to shwarma and salads. For a more relaxed experience, head upstairs to escape the crowds and enjoy a menu full of delicious options. The Sarwat St. location is usually less crowded for those seeking a quieter dining experience.

Hawawshi Eid: A Hidden Street Food Delight

Hawawshi Eid is a hidden gem for street food lovers. Here, a few pounds will get you a large round of bread stuffed with spicy meat, baked to perfection. Accompanied by an abundance of pickles, this spot is a must-visit for authentic local flavor. Look for the oven out front to the right of the counter, as there’s no English sign.

Abu al-Hassan al-Haty: A Nostalgic Journey

Stepping into Abu al-Hassan al-Haty is like traveling back in time. This restaurant, often used as a set for period TV shows, features foggy mirrors, dusty chandeliers, and waiters whose stories seem as old as the walls. The menu focuses mostly on grilled items, offering a palatable journey through Egypt’s culinary past.

Felfela Restaurant: A Legendary Egyptian Staple

Since 1963, Felfela Restaurant has been a gathering place for tourists, locals, and even coach parties. Famous for its unique jungle-themed decor, Felfela serves up straightforward, consistently decent Egyptian fare. The mezze and grilled chicken are particularly noteworthy, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a reliable and flavorful meal in Giza.

Embark on a culinary journey through Giza, where each restaurant is not just a place to eat, but a gateway to the diverse and rich flavors of Egypt.

Created On April 07, 2020

Updated On January 27, 2024

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Illuminated Sphinx sculpture at night with a blurred pyramid in the background
The enigmatic Great Sphinx, standing guard under the night sky beside Egypt's ancient pyramids
Close-up of the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza against a clear sky
This image captures the upper portion of the Great Pyramid, showcasing the meticulous stacking of limestone blocks

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