Feasting in Luxor

Dining & Restaurants in Luxor

Luxor, while primarily known for its historical monuments, also offers a variety of dining options that range from traditional Egyptian to international cuisine. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the best dining places in Luxor:


  1. Sofra
    • Ambiance: Egyptian style with a rooftop terrace.
    • Cuisine: Traditional Egyptian dishes.
    • Location: 90 Mohamed Farid Street, Al Manshiya, Luxor 83911.
    • Website
  2. Oasis Café
    • Menu: International dishes, including pasta and grilled meats.
    • Atmosphere: Western-style café with jazz music.
    • Location: St Joseph St., Luxor.
  3. As-Sahaby Lane
    • Specialty: Egyptian dishes, pizzas, and salads.
    • Highlights: Alfresco dining with a view.
    • Location: Al-Sahaby St, Via Luxor Temple St, Luxor 85951.
  4. Salah AL-deen
    • Concept: Egyptian Feast with multiple dishes to share.
    • Dining Time: Dinner at 7 pm; bar opens at 6 pm.
    • Location: Salah El Deen Al Auby St, Luxor.
  5. Silk Road
    • Cuisine: Asian, with Indian, Thai, and Chinese influences.
    • Setting: Asian minimal chic.
    • Location: Hilton Hotel, Luxor.
    • Website
  6. Puddleduck
    • Favorites: British and European dishes.
    • Environment: Cozy atmosphere, popular with expats.
    • Website
  7. Gerda’s Garden
    • Cuisine: Egyptian and European.
    • Vibe: Provincial European bistro style.
    • Location: El Karnak, Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, Luxor 85951.
    • Website
  8. Jewel of the Nile
    • Offerings: Traditional Egyptian and British food.
    • Special: Sunday traditional lunch.
    • Location: El Road El Sharifa, Off Medina Street, Luxor.
    • Website
  9. La Mama
    • Cuisine: Italian.
    • Ambiance: 1970s style with live music.
    • Location: Sheraton Hotel, Luxor.
    • Website
  10. 1886 Restaurant
    • Cuisine: Mediterranean-French and Egyptian.
    • Dress Code: Formal.
    • Location: Old Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor.
  11. A Taste of India
    • Cuisine: Indian and British.
    • Location: St. Joseph, Luxor.
    • Website
  12. Abu Ashraf
    • Offerings: Roasted chicken, pizzas, kushari.
    • Location: Sharia al-Mahatta, Luxor.
  13. Koshari Elzaeem
    • Specialty: Kushari and Egyptian-style spaghetti.
    • Location: Youssef Hassan St. in Front Of Lotus mall, Luxor.


  1. Al-Moudira
    • Cuisine: Mediterranean-Lebanese.
    • Ambiance: Romantic setting.
    • Reservations: Recommended.
  2. Restaurant Mohammed
    • Atmosphere: Outdoor terrace, family-run.
    • Menu: Egyptian fare with meat grills and pigeon.
    • Special: Homemade mango sorbet.
  3. Nile Valley Hotel
    • View: Overlooks the Nile and Luxor temple.
    • Menu: Egyptian and international specialties.
    • Website
  4. Al-Gezira Hotel
    • Cuisine: Egyptian, including molokhiyya and mahshi kurumb.
    • View: Nile and Luxor views.
    • Location: Gezira El Bairat, West Bank, Luxor.
    • Website
  5. Memnon
    • Specialty: Indian and Chinese dishes.
    • After-meal: Sheesha smoking with mango sorbet.
    • Website

Additional Dining Options

  • Fruit & Vegetable Souq: Ideal for fresh produce.
  • Arkwrights Gourmet Food: High-quality food store for sophisticated picnics.
  • Cheap Eats: Numerous bakeries and local eateries around Luxor.


  • Many restaurants don’t serve alcohol or accept credit cards.
  • Dining hours are typically from 9 am to midnight.
  • Luxor’s food scene is evolving, with a focus on traditional Egyptian cuisine.

Enjoy your culinary journey in Luxor

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