Khanqah-Mausoleum of Farag Ibn Barquq

The Khanqah-Mausoleum of Farag Ibn Barquq: A Monument to Faith and Royalty

The Khanqah-Mausoleum of Farag Ibn Barquq stands as a remarkable embodiment of both devotion and dynastic pride in the heart of Cairo. Crafted by the son of Sultan Barquq, this monument was completed in 1411, designed as a final resting place for Farag’s father near revered Sufi sheikhs. While Sultan Barquq’s own grand madrassa and mausoleum adorn Bein al-Qasreen, this site serves as a poignant tribute to his legacy.

Functioning as a monastery for a specific Sufi sect, the Khanqah-mausoleum is distinguished by its imposing facade, flanked by dual minarets and crowned with what are considered some of Cairo’s largest stone domes. These architectural marvels are not just structures but symbols of the rich spiritual and cultural tapestry of the era.

Within the mausoleum, visitors can find two distinct tomb chambers, each marked by a dome and segregated by gender – one for males and another for females. The interiors of these chambers are masterpieces in their own right, featuring ceilings adorned with intricate geometric patterns in striking red and black hues.

Exploring the Khanqah-Mausoleum of Farag Ibn Barquq offers more than a historical journey; it’s an insight into the intricate blend of religious devotion and royal magnificence that defines much of Cairo’s ancient landscape.

Created On May 4, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

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