The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As

The Timeless Beauty of the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As

In the heart of Egypt, where the sands of time seem to whisper tales of centuries past, stands the venerable Mosque of Amr ibn al-As. Its storied history weaves a tapestry of faith, conquest, and architectural evolution, making it a true testament to the enduring spirit of Egypt.

This sacred sanctuary holds the distinction of being the oldest mosque in Egypt, its origins tracing back to the dawn of Islam in AD 642. Conceived by the visionary general who delivered Egypt into the embrace of Islam, it began as humble palm trunks sheltered by thatched leaves—a modest inception for a place of such profound significance.

Over the centuries, the mosque has witnessed a series of extensions and renovations, each layer adding depth to its rich narrative. In AD 827, a notable expansion breathed new life into its hallowed halls. These architectural endeavors have continued to the present day, preserving the mosque’s historical layers while adapting to changing times. Recently, a wooden roof was lovingly installed, offering a glimpse into the mosque’s humble beginnings—a poignant reminder of its enduring journey.

As you step into the mosque’s sacred precincts, you’ll encounter distinct sections that mirror its captivating evolution. The oldest segment stands proudly to the right of the sanctuary, a cherished relic of bygone eras. Beyond, a majestic forest of columns unfurls, numbering a remarkable 200 in total. Here, amidst this ancient arboreal expanse, weary travelers find respite, a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling world.

While the mosque’s architectural marvels have evolved over the ages, there remains a sense of nostalgia for the simpler past it once embodied. Yet, even in its current form, the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As stands as a testament to the enduring faith and cultural heritage of Egypt.

To embark on your journey to this timeless place of worship, venture northward on Sharia Mary Girgis. After traversing the labyrinthine streets of the Coptic compound and passing through the bustling Souq al-Fustat, you’ll find yourself in a covered market. Here, quality craft shops and a welcoming café beckon, providing the perfect preamble to your exploration of history and faith.

In your quest to uncover Egypt’s spiritual treasures, be sure to discover the Most Impressive Mosques in Cairo, each a chapter in the captivating story of this ancient land.

Created On May 4, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

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