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Cairene Events & Festivals

No list can comprehensively capture all of Cairo’s myriad of festive occasions and celebrations, but the list below captures some of the remarkable ones

Sayyidna al-Hussein’s Moulid

This festival is a celebration of the birthday of the prophet’s grandson. It is held at the piazza in front of Al Hussein’s mosque during the tail end of the Islamic month, Rabei al-Tani. A good vantage point is to watch from the rooftop cafes in order to avoid the crowds that often throng the celebration.

Sayyida Zeinab’s Moulid

This festival commemorates the birthday of the prophet’s granddaughter and is held in the last week of the Islamic month, Ragab. The venue is behind Al Hussein’s mosque as well.

Alhan Wa Sahlan          

This is a participant belly-dancing convention held in June every year. However, there isn’t much to worry about, even beginners are welcome to participate.

Jazz & Classical Music Show at Cairo Opera House

This one is for those who prefer the oldie but goodie classical and jazz tunes. The main show is the Cairo Symphony Orchestra which holds in the 1,200 capacity main hall. A little heads up though, this is a formal event where you’re required to wear a jacket and a tie. However, the show in the small hall is casual and not dressing selective. Some of the events are not held at the opera house but at another theatre either in Alexandria or close to the Abdeen Palace. More information can be found on the website concerning shows and schedules.

Jazz, Performing Arts, and Culture Wheel at El Sawy

This is a complex dedicated to entertainment and music featuring about twelve platforms for performance and galleries all squeezed in under an overpass. The venue has played host to Egypt’s most popular young rock and jazz bands.

Makan Traditional Music

The venue is operated by the Egyptian Centre for Culture and Art and it solely plays folk music. Other interesting events at the venue include the traditional women’s zar held on Wednesdays by 9 pm, a healing ritual and musical trance event. On Tuesdays, there’s an Egyptian-Sudanese musical show called the Nass Makan.

Heritage Dance Troupe

While this band has already been mentioned, it is worth reiterating that you really need to see them perform before you eventually get to leave Egypt.

Updated On March 24, 2020