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Getting Around Cairo

Getting Around Cairo

Cairo is, in addition to being the capital of Egypt, one of the biggest tourist attraction sites, offering deep and rich cultural and historical heritage. Thus, for a city of such reputation, Cairo boasts of a large road network, alongside other means of transportation, which makes getting around quite easy for visitors and travelers. The guide below shows different ways of moving around the city.

Cairo Subway

The first line of the Egypt metro network was completed in 1987, connecting Helwan in the south of Cairo to El Marg in the north of the city. Metros Line 1 (denoted with color blue) is 44.3 kilometers long and serves 35 stations. 

It is the best means of transportation for people seeking to enjoy the view of Old Cairo.  They can ply the route connecting Tahrir Square and Mary Gerges “Old Cairo,” on a trip that takes about 15 minutes and at a low price of just 7 LE.

The relatively new lines – Red and Green – expand to the east and the west of Cairo respectively.  Due to its popularity, you may find the metro crowded most times, particularly during the peak times.  Thus, you should prepare to deal with crowds inside the metro. 

Public Transport

There are several public transportation systems, including several buses and micro-buses, all of which plies the massive network of roads as well as the ring road that leads to Cairo’s key destinations.

Ramses Square and Abd El Moneim Riyad Square are two of the starting points to almost any destination in Cairo. Once you get to any of the two places, you’ll see friendly locals who will direct you on how to proceed.

Private Transport

Private cars are also available, and they are known for their speed and efficiency.  Taxis, Uber, Careem, are the top options for moving around, and you can book a car with few clicks.  If you are looking to ride from or to the airport, London Cab does an excellent job.

Here Are Some Of The Top Cairo Private Cars.




Updated On March 19, 2020