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Islamic Cairo

The Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo has several mosques, it cannot be said that the city offers a more-religious atmosphere compared to other districts.  However, for a very long time, this city served as one of the top power regions of the Islamic empire. Thus, it boasts of great monuments, which remains arguably the most famous Islam-inspired artefacts till date.

In Islamic Cairo today, the traditional men’s full-length robes – Galabeya – is more prominent than jeans, and the crowd keeps pressing closer, while car traffic and cries of street vendors constitute the loudest of the noise around, alongside clangs from small workshops around. These busy streets mean one thing – you can get lost easily, and you usually end up spending more time than you planned to.

There is a recent restoration program in process, which entails giving most monuments facelifts, alongside everyday buildings in the streets, using fresh paint and turned-wood window screens.

Anyone that hasn’t been in Islamic Cairo may be left shocked at these transformations – you will literarily take certain parts of the district as the ancient Damascus city; where everywhere looks sparkling clean.

Updated On March 22, 2020