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Khanqah & Mausoleum of Sultan Baybars al-Gashankir

Khanqah & Mausoleum of Sultan Baybars al-Gashankir

This Khanqah (Sufi monastery) is one of the pioneering building in the city, having been completed in 1310.  Its uniqueness is perhaps due to the short, but broad, minaret topped with a small ribbed dome.  You will be amazed at the serenity in the interior, all thanks to the multipart entrance, which can be puzzling, but still orients the rooms away from the noisy street.

With black-and-white marbles and light coming from stained-glass windows, it is only a matter of time before you notice the room where Mamluk Sultan Beybars al-Gashankir is entombed, having wound up strangled.  Although his reign lasted for a year, his name reigned even shorter, with his successor removing his name from the building façade immediately he took power.

Updated On March 23, 2020