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Khanqah-Mausoleum of Farag Ibn Barquq

Introduction About Khanqah-Mausoleum of Farag Ibn Barquq

Interestingly, this monument was actually created by Sultan Barquq’s son and was finished in 1411 so that Farag’s father could be buried close to some eminent Sufi sheikhs. Sultan Barquq’s own massive madrassa and mausoleum are located in Bein al-Qasreen.

The Khanqah-mausoleum serves as a monastery for a particular sufi sect and is highlighted by a huge façade, double minarets and domes of made of stone which are considered Cairo’s biggest stone domes.

There are two tomb chambers with domes above them which are separated based on sex- one for males and another for females. The ceilings within the tombs are also another interesting sight to behold with geometric patterns done in red and black colors.

Updated On March 24, 2020