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Madrassa And Mausoleum of An-Nasir Mohammed Sultan


This amazing Madrassa And Mausoleum of An-Nasir Mohammed Sultan is considered as one of the greatest Islamic architecture built in its era.

An-Nasir, Qalaun’s son – was a vicious authoritarian, although he was overtly accomplished.  He once raided a church in Acre (now Akko, Israel) in the 12th century, and one of the plunders is a Gothic doorway which was used in building a part of his madrassa in 1304. 

Carefully observe the inscription of the word – Allah – at the point of the arch. You can also spot an increased foreign influence, especially of North Africa, on the lacy pattern present on the carved stucco minaret. 

An-Nasir’s mother and his favorite son were buried in the mausoleum situated towards the right of the madrasah, and the Sultan himself shares the same tomb with his father, Qalawun.