Madrassa And Mausoleum Of Qalaun

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Madrassa & Mausoleum of Qalawun

Madrassa & Mausoleum of Qalawun

This is another 12th-century edifice, and it took about two years to complete. It is considered as the grandest of the three monuments here. On the right is a mausoleum, which houses a sophisticated collection of inlaid concrete and stone, alongside floral motifs and stars, with the light coming in from the stained-glass windows.

A Maristan (hospital) also exists in the complex, although it was built only after the order of Qalawun after his visit to a similar one in Damascus cured his colic. During his visit to Cairo in 1325, Ibn Battuta, the Moroccan historian, and traveler found the Qalaun’s hospital quite impressive, especially with the numerous appliances and medicaments. He was also particular about the presence of Quran reciters at every hour of the day, and who were always chanting requiems to honor the dead within.

Updated On March 22, 2020