Mausoleum of Sultan Barquq


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Madrassa And Mausoleum of Barquq


It took The Famous Sultan Barquq only four years to complete Madrassa And Mausoleum of Barquq. This Sufi school, having seized power in 1382 during the times when Egypt was ravaged with famine and plague. 

You can access the Madrasah via the visible black-and-white marble portal, which gets you into the vaulted passageway. 

On the right is the inner court, lavished with a blue and gold ceiling, as well as four Pharaonic porphyry columns that provide support. 

The domed tomb chamber holds the remains of Barquq’s daughter, while Barquq was buried in the Northern Cemetry, in the midst of other Sufi Sheiks.

Updated On March 23, 2020