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Sabil And Kuttab Of Abdel Rahman Katkhuda

Sabil And Kuttab Of Abdel Rahman Katkhuda

Dubbed as one of the symbolic edifices of Islamic Cairo, the Sabil and Kuttab of Abdel Rahman Katkhuda offer an exquisite blend of paintings and lithographs. The building, which houses both fountain and a school, was an atonement for sins; by following one of the commandments of the Prophet that recommends providing water for the thirsty, and enlightenment for the ignorant.

The emir {The Prince} who built this building was known for his exceeding decadence, although he did quite well with the 1744 edifice.  Inside is a sight to behold, with a nice ceramic finish.  Moving down the little alley and close to the east, you will find the palace of Amir Bashtak – Qasr Bashtak, which is a rare example of ancient architecture.

Although the palace was originally five floors high, there have been upgrades and renovations. It is currently available as a concert venue. The interior of the palace has a small shop where you can get classical Arabic music alongside other great items.