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The Complex of Sultan Ashraf Barsbey

Visit The Unique Complex Of Sultan Ashraf Barsbey

And here we come to the Northern Cemetery’s third and final important monument, the Sultan Ashraf Barsbey complex, located in between Qaitbey’s Mosque and the tomb of Sultan Barquq. The complex is surrounded by a stone wall, and parts of it like the Sufi learning center and student hostels are already in disrepair. The mosque-madrassa is however still intact and can be seen by visitors.

Apart from this complex, during his reign from 1422 to 1438, Sultan Barsbey also built another mosque on Sharia Al-Muizz, abutting on Sharia Al-Muski. However, it is in the complex that Barsbey is buried under a dome beautifully designed with nice star patterns that draw heavily on ancient chevron designs but also reflect the beauty of the dome of Qaitbey. The flooring is done with beautiful marble and there’s also an altar made of ivory within.

Updated On March 24, 2020