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Hang out at an Oriental Café

Oriental Cafés are common all around Egypt and natives often enjoy having fun and ending a busy day with a drink. This is a part of Egyptian life that no tourist should miss as there are a wide array of various drinks; juice, coffee, and herbal tea of oriental origins to sample. One of the most popular places in Egypt where travelers can enjoy tasty hot-tea with fresh mints while smoking the traditional Hubble Bubble {Shisha} is the famous Khan El-Khalili Bazaar. Those interested in smoking would definitely have fun trying out shisha, a flavored oriental pipe also common in Egypt. While most of visitors would go there for shopping, having some time to spend at one of the famous coffee shops scattered throughout the historical Bazaar is always a recommended idea.  

Go Check out the Nilometer

Just like its name implies, the Nilometer practically measures the river Nile. Built-in 861 AD, this instrument was used by natives to track the rise and falls in the water level of the river so they could get an idea of how much harvest they would make.

A high water level, measuring around 16 cubits indicated a potentially bountiful harvest, and this often sparked festivities among the people. However, if the water level rises higher than this, it might imply a coming flood while lower levels meant that drought and low harvests might be experienced.

A steep flight of stairs leads to the location of the Nilometer below the Nile’s water level.

Ascend the Tower of Cairo

This is a very important feature in Egyptian tourism and is second only to the famous pyramids. Standing at about 187m in height, the tower of Cairo has, over the years attracted visitors from various nationalities, especially the Arabs and the Cairenes.

The tower was built in 1961 with a lotus plant shape, and was said to be funded with money meant to purchase arms from the USA.

The whole surrounding is clearly visible far into the distance when watching from atop the tower with the most scenery being most vivid either late in the morning after the fog has cleared or in the evening.

The elevator meant to lift visitors up to the top of the tower is often quite crowded in the evenings. Moderately priced food and drinks can be purchased at the Sky garden café just a level below the observatory stage. Lower down is the more expensive revolving restaurant where meals and drinks cost a little more.

Go on a ride with the Nile Taxi

Either you board the pre-chartered ones, the more common ones that stay in line to get filled with passengers or the tourist taxis, you’ll enjoy exploring the River Nile on the new Nile taxi transportation system. Boats are also available on the river to facilitate easier movement and closer inspection.

Updated On April 25, 2020