Guide To Arrival

Navigate Your Guide to Arrival in Cairo

Arrival by Air:

Cairo, the pulsating heart of Egypt, welcomes travelers through its primary gateway, Cairo International Airport. For detailed flight schedules and arrangements, contact the airport at 0900 77777 (landline) or 27777 (mobile) in Egypt. Your air travel to Cairo can be facilitated through Egypt Air, with offices conveniently located at Airport Terminal 3 and in the bustling downtown areas of Sharia al-Bustan, Sharia Talaat Harb, and Sharia Adly.

Microbus & Service Taxis:

For a more localized travel experience, Cairo offers the choice of private taxis or shared vans, commonly known as microbuses. These vehicles connect you to the heart of Cairo and its suburbs. Key pickup locations include the area between Ramses Station and Midan Ulali. For ventures to al-Fayoum and the western oases, head to Moneib, situated on Sharia el-Nil in Giza, or start from Midan al-Remaya near the iconic Giza Pyramids. Access these points easily via a short walk or taxi ride from the Sakkiat Mekki metro stop.

Bus Travel:

Cairo Gateway (Mina al-Qahira), located near the Orabi metro stop, stands as the central hub for bus travel to Alexandria, the Suez Canal area, the deserts, Sinai, and Upper Egypt. Tickets vary by destination and bus company, so plan accordingly. For Suez and Sinai, head to the right ticket windows; for Alexandria and Upper Egypt, go left. Notable companies include East Delta Travel, West & Mid Delta Bus, Super Jet, and Upper Egypt Travel. Though trains are recommended for destinations like Luxor, buses offer a viable alternative. Smaller bus stations, such as Abbassiyya, Abboud, Al-Mazah, and Ulali, provide additional departure times and routes.

Train Travel:

For comfort and efficiency, opt for train travel to Alexandria, Upper Egypt, and major towns in the Delta. Cairo’s primary railway station, Ramses Station, offers amenities like luggage services, ATMs, a post office, and a tourist information office. Other stations like Giza Suburban and Ain Shams cater to specific destinations such as Upper Egypt and Suez. When purchasing tickets, ensure you’re at the correct window for your destination and consult the information desk for assistance in Arabic if needed.

Embark on your Egyptian sojourn with these insights, and let the ancient allure of Cairo be your unforgettable guide.

Created On May 4, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

CAIRO Travel Guide
The Citadel of Cairo: A blend of medieval magnificence and urban expansion.
Cairo's golden hour, where the Nile meets the city's ancient charm

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