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How To Go To Cairo

How to Go to Cairo?

1) Air

Here Are The Top Cairo Airports

Cairo International Airport offers air trips to Cairo. You can get precise flight information by calling 0900 77777 from a landline in Egypt or 27777 from a mobile phone.

EGYPT AIR OFFICES Airport Terminal 3 (2696 6798);

Downtown (Sharia al-Bustan and Sharia Talaat Harb);

Downtown (Sharia Adly)

2) Microbus & Servers

The two options here are a taxi and a shared van.  You can get a private taxi or share a seat in a van to most destinations in Cairo.  Pickups are available from the blocks between Ramses Station and Midan Ulali.  If you are looking to visit al-Fayoum and the western oases, proceed to Moneib, on Sharia el-Nil in Giza, right under the ring road overpass.  You will need to either take a walk of 800m east from the Sakkiat Mekki metro stop or take a taxi to cover the same distance.  Another route option to al-Fayoum and Western Data town is to start from Midan al-Remaya in Giza, close to the Pyramids; get on a microbus from the Giza metro station.    

3) Bus

Cairo Gateway (Mina al-Qahira, Turgoman Garage; Sharia al- Gisr, Bulaq; Orabi), situated 400m west of the Orabi metro stop is the main station that provides buses for all destinations in Alexandria, Suez Canal area, the deserts, Sinai, and Upper Egypt.  

Note that there are various tickets for different windows, based on which company you are going with and where you are going.  If you are interested in Suez and Sinai tickets, then you check the right, the left is for Alexandria and Upper Egypt town destinations.  The best is advance booking, especially if your route is any of Alexandria, Sinai, and Marsa Matruh during summer.

There are no student discounts, and here are the list of companies, their phone lines, and their respective destinations:

East Delta Travel Call (3262 3128), destinations are Suez and the Sinai; West & Mid Delta Bus Call (2432 0049), destinations are Alexandria, Marsa Matruh, and Siwa.

Super Jet call (2290 9017), destinations are some Sinai resort towns; and Upper Egypt Travel Call (2576 0261), destinations are Western Desert oases and Luxor.  Although, it is recommended that you opt for the train if you are going to Luxor.  

If you find the Cairo Gateway departure times inconvenient, you can check out the few smaller bus stations around; they offer more frequent service.

Abbassiyya (Sinai Station; Sharia Ramses, Abbassiyya; Abbassia); some Sinai buses stops here, 4km northeast of Ramses. If you are on such bus, you may have to take the nearby metro to the center.

Abboud (Khazindar; Sharia al-Tir’a al-Boulaqia, Shubra; mMezallat) Services to the Delta and Wadi al-Natrun, 5km north of Ramses. Walk about 800m east from the metro.

Al-Mazah (Sharia Abou Bakr al-Siddiq, Heliopolis); some international services, 3.5km northwest from the Korba area of Heliopolis; take a taxi.

Ulali (Sharia Shurta al-Ezbekiyya, Ramses; mAl-Shohadaa); there is no bus-station structure.  The option available is a ticket window for East Delta services to Tanta, Zagazig and Canal Zone cities, alongside Sinai summer departures, and several microbuses.

4) Train

If you are interested in maximum comfort and efficiency, then you should travel with trains heading to Alexandria, Upper Egypt, and the Delta’s major towns.  Traveling by train to other smaller towns can be slow and sloppy.

As the primary train station in Cairo, Ramses Station offers luggage services via their luggage office situated towards the left (per piece per day E£2.50; h24hr), ATMs, a post office (h8am-8pm); as well as a tourist information office (h9am-7pm).

Other stations include Giza Suburban – situated next to metro stop of Giza Suburban, Giza – for the sleepers going to Upper Egypt, and Ain Shams, situated in the northeast part of the city, for travelers to Suez.

While getting tickets at Ramses, ensure that you are at the right set of windows labeled for your destination, and be sure about your preferred train number and time.  If you are in doubts, the information desk has a clerk that will write your choice in Arabic; then you can show the same to the ticket seller.

Updated On March 19, 2020